Never Miss a Lead & Skyrocket Bookings Across All Channels On Autopilot

Your 24/7 AI appointment setter and customer support, designed for service-based SMBs in New Zealand.  

Engage customers fast on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and SMS, all tied together on a unified marketing automation platform.
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Bookings On Autopilot

Immediate scheduling, directly syncing with your calendar

Never Miss An Opportunity

24/7 Instant engagement ensuring no opportunity is missed

Effortless Channel Integration

On your website, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and SMS

Save Time & Costs

Reduce staffing needs, increase operational efficiency

The Human Touch

Your human team can take over the AI conversation via our centralised universal inbox and mobile app

Lead to Loyalty

It doesn't just answer questions; it nurtures leads, follows up and drives sales

The Problem...

Slow response times and inefficient scheduling hinder your business growth.

In the fast-paced digital world, every second counts in capturing and converting leads.

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The Solution...

Octavius AI combines the speed of AI with the warmth of human interaction to enhance your customer engagement, lead management, and appointment scheduling, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

And we do this across all your customer communication channels (Website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business,  SMS and even Email), which are integrated into a universal inbox that all your team members can access.


Marketing Expertise and AI Innovation

Octavius AI stands at the intersection of 20 years of marketing wisdom and breakthrough AI innovation.

Our service, developed through extensive experience across various industries, is designed to streamline customer engagement and lead management efficiently whilst cutting the need for expensive ads and staff.

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See what a customer conversation with Octavius looks like 

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You can try a live demo of Octavius AI trained on your business information. Ready in just 2 minutes

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How To Get Started


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It’s easy. 

There's a $7 trial. 

And there are no long-term contracts

Onboarding Call

In one session we'll integrate all your systems, train your AI for optimal performance, and provide comprehensive training for you and your team.

Watch The Magic

Sit back and watch Octavius AI take care of your customers.

Helping your business flourish with higher customer satisfaction, more appointments, and massive savings on customer support staff.

Key Features

Break free from the limitations of time zones and working hours. 

Octavius' conversational AI bot stands at the forefront of customer interaction technology. It's designed to handle a wide array of customer queries with ease and precision, offering immediate, accurate responses 24/7. 

This bot excels in understanding and processing natural language, allowing it to engage in fluid, human-like conversations. It's also equipped with advanced machine learning capabilities, meaning it continuously improves its interactions based on previous conversations. 

You can define goals for your bot, such as identifying lead responses or qualifying questions (e.g. what's your budget? or 'When is your insurance due for renewal?') and updating customer fields (in the CRM) or tagging them for follow-up later.

Additionally, it can integrate effortlessly across various channels such as websites, social media platforms and SMS*, ensuring a unified communication experience. With these features, Octavius AI's conversational bot is not just a tool for answering questions; it's a dynamic solution for enhancing customer engagement, nurturing leads, and driving sales.
A chatbot with a message on the screen.
With our Universal Inbox, keep your communication channels uncluttered and in sync. From SMS and Email to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business; view, respond and manage it all from a single, unified dashboard.

All your team members can access it to efficiently manage customer communications. AI conversations can be overseen live and taken over when desired.. You can even activate/deactivate the AI on a per-customer basis.
Increase bookings dramatically by giving yout prospects the power to seamlessly schedule appointments directly on your calendar and at their convenience. Improving customer experience and saving you time.

Octavius AI making your own custom calendars is a breeze. Just a few clicks on your settings dashboard integrating it with your existing calendar system (e.g. Google, Outlook, iCal) and you’re set. And you can easily put these calendars right into your website.
A mobile app with a calendar and a message on it.
Octavius' CRM goes beyond traditional record keeping - it’s now your window into the customer's world. Every piece of data tells a story of your customer’s preferences and needs, offering a chance to tailor your services.
A screen showing a list of tasks on a computer screen.
Imagine having a crystal ball that reveals where the next big sales opportunities lie. Our Opportunity Pipeline Management tool is the next best thing. 

It helps you spot and seize sales prospects efficiently and decide where to put your resources for the maximum impact. Strategically allocate resources and effectively prioritise tasks.

A tablet screen showing a list of tasks on a screen.
The Octavius AI Mobile App is a powerful tool that lets you manage your business communication on the go. This app is designed to give you the ultimate control and visibility over all customer interactions, including those handled by our AI system, directly from your smartphone. Whether you use iOS or Android, this app is tailored to keep you connected with your business at all times.

What sets the Octavius AI Mobile App apart is its seamless integration with all your CRM data. This means you can instantly view and manage every interaction, whether it's an AI-handled query or a conversation that requires human intervention. The app's intuitive interface provides a real-time overview of customer interactions, ensuring you're always informed and ready to make decisions, even when you're away from the office. You can view your calendar, opportunities and account insights.

This accessibility is crucial in maintaining the responsiveness and efficiency that today's fast-paced business environment demands.
A screenshot of the ios app with a yellow background.
For businesses in New Zealand, 2-way SMS Messaging for marketing purposes is a rarity, often missing in popular automation platforms and systems (even the big ones like MailChimp, Klaviyo & ActiveCampaign).

However, Octavius AI offers a 2-Way SMS Messaging feature that allows you to both send and receive text messages, giving you a significant edge over your competitors. Your AI bot can automatically respond to customers via SMS as with any other channel.

You can also launch Database Reactivation campaigns via SMS, which are typically one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can do. With the power of AI, we've seen some phenomenal results.

*SMS capability is only available from the ACCELERATE plan and above.
A phone and tablet with a chat app on it.
Statistics show that if you aren’t immediately available to help a prospect, you'll lose most of them.

Missed a call? No worries. Octavius AI will text back on your behalf, so you reengage missed callers automatically and ensure no opportunity is lost.

The premise is simple: a call comes in, and if it’s missed, then they’re automatically sent an SMS text message. This lets them know you’ll call back soon and can offer them a booking link. A conversational AI can also continue the conversation for you!

This simple touchpoint increases the chances of converting that lead to an appointment dramatically!

*SMS & Phone capability is only available from the ACCELERATE plan and above.
A screenshot of a call test page.
Every call is a potential sale. Our Phone Call Tracking feature provides insightful analytics that can be leveraged for smarter marketing strategies as well as improving return on investment on advertising spend.

Phone systems are integrated directly with Twilio, so you get all the power of the world's leading programmatic call provided all integrated within Octavius (no separate Twilio account needed).

*Phone capability is only available from the ACCELERATE plan and above.
A dashboard with a lot of information on it.
Knowledge is power, and with Octavius' comprehensive Reporting tools, you’re empowered! Get a complete view of your business performance at a glance with comprehensive reports and detailed information about your campaigns from Facebook ads, Google ads, phone calls or website traffic from different sources.

Make decisions backed by data, adapt to the market's pulse, and confidently move in a direction where opportunities and growth are guaranteed.
A dashboard with a number of graphs and charts.

Octavius AI Plans

XMAS SPECIAL OFFER - Limited to 20 Customers

Get upgraded to our Unlimited OpenAI Usage addon for free! This means you won't get charged anything extra even if your customers are served millions of AI/GPT-generated messages!

Get FREE Unlimited OpenAI Usage

Normally: $200 per month

This is a lifetime offer, so the upgrade remains for as long as your subscription is active.

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Basic Hosting
Stop losing customers by engaging with all enquiries fast and booking appointments by AI across all marketing channels. 
( includes GST )


Universal Inbox (Website, Facebook Messenger, Google My Business, Instagram)
Conversational AI Bot
Online Calendar Booking System
Opportunity Pipeline Management


Included Monthly

1-3 team users
Unlimited contacts
1,000 AI messages (or use your own OpenAI API key)
Email support

Get a 14 Day Trial for just $7
normally $399ddd NZD $397 per month
A black and white logo with the word accelerate.
Basic Hosting
Accelerate your speed to lead with AI-powered 2-ways SMS. As well as AI-powered missed call text back and reactivation campaigns for rapid sales
( includes GST )


Includes all features in ENGAGE plus....

2-Way SMS Messaging
Phone Call Tracking
AI Missed Call Text Back System
AI Follow-Up System
AI Database Reactivation Campaigns


Included Monthly

1-10 team users
Unlimited contacts
1,000 phone mins
300 SMS
1,000 AI messages (or use your own OpenAI API key)
Email Support
normally $399ddd NZD $597 per month
A black and white logo with the word ascend.
Basic Hosting
Reach your business's full potential with our full marketing automation suite powered by AI.
( includes GST )


Includes all features in ACCELERATE plus....

Email Marketing
Funnel Builder
Workflow Automation Builder
Lead Capture Forms
Unified Social Media Planner
AI Google Review Management System


Included Monthly

Unlimited users
Unlimited contacts
30,000 emails per month
2,000 phone mins per month
600 SMS per month
Email and chat Support
Monthly 1-to-1 strategy review and training meeting
normally $399ddd NZD $997 per month

Start Getting More Appointments Across All Your Marketing Channels On Autopilot

Transform your customer communication and witness a significant boost in your lead conversion and customer satisfaction. Book You FREE AI Marketing Strategy Call today.

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Octavius AI responds to customer messages 24/7/365, ensuring no customer is left waiting. Response times are typically under 1 minute. Note: It takes longer than typical ChatGPT since it is querying and pulling in advanced custom information:

  • Your company's personal knowledgebase
  • Your company booking calendar
  • Specific data stored about the customer it's conversing with and their current situation.

i.e. it's doing a lot more stuff!

Absolutely! Our AI can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

On your onboarding call, we'll tailor specific prompts and customise the knowledgebase specifically to your brand and unique business requirements. Of which you can access and update easily whenever you like.

At any point your team can view or take over any conversation taking place across all your integrated marketing channels.

You can turn the AI bot on/off on a per-customer basis 

And alerts are sent on the rare occasion that an AI error occurs.

Octavius AI integrates smoothly with various platforms (it literally takes just a few clicks for each)

Communication Channels

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business Chat
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp (coming soon)
  • Gmail
  • Outlook

Online Booking System

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • iCloud Calendar

And if you don't want to use our powerful online booking systems, we also have a full integration with Calendarly.

The $7 trial includes full access to Octavius AI’s features on the ENGAGE plan; allowing you to experience firsthand how our system can enhance your customer engagement, lead management, and appointment scheduling.

This also includes a 1-to-1 onboarding call with founder Titus or a team specialist to get all your systems set up/integrated, to train your AI and show you how to use it.

Our onboarding process is straightforward.

It's a 1-to-1 onboarding call with founder Titus or a team specialist. In one session, we integrate all your systems, train your AI for optimal performance, and provide  training for you and your team.

Yes, the Octavius AI Mobile App allows you to manage your business communication from anywhere. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM data, providing real-time oversight of customer interactions.

From the ACCELERATE plan and above, Octavius AI offers 2-way SMS messaging, missed call text back, and phone call tracking, providing comprehensive communication tools essential for modern businesses.

Your plan includes 1 phone number and a quota of free SMS messages and phone minutes (see details of your selected plan). Overages are charged per message/minute:

Phone Calls

Making calls: NZD$0.03 per min
Receiving calls: NZD0.02 per min


Sending SMS: NZD$0.15 per message

Unlike many others, we don't believe in long-term contracts

We also believe the benefits of Octavius AI will very quickly become apparent as an indispensable part of your business so we don't have to lock you in to any long-term contracts!

However, if you find that Octavius AI is not right for you, you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice period. 

No technical expertise is required. Octavius AI is user-friendly and designed with simplicity in mind. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you and your team can fully leverage the system's capabilities.

Our AI is advanced enough to provide personalized interactions. It learns from previous conversations and customer data to tailor responses, making each interaction as individualized and relevant as possible.

That said, it is important to understand that AI has its limitations, does occasionally have errors and obviously cannot completely replace what humans can do. But AI is far faster, consistent and more scalable than humans.

Octavius AI is designed to complement your existing team, not replace them. It can handle routine queries, freeing your human staff to focus on more complex issues and other high-value tasks.

Unlike other AI-based bots, Octavius AI doesn't just answer support questions – it's designed to engage customers, nurture leads, follow up, and drive sales by encouraging and facilitating appointment bookings and other interactions that lead to conversions.


We've designed an easy-to-use interface to add FAQs and crawl webpages (e.g. for new products or your entire website) so you can keep the AI up-to-date with your latest information, promotions and how to answer customers better. Our friendly support team can also help with this.

Absolutely! We understand that choosing the right plan for your business is crucial, and we're here to help make that process as clear and easy as possible.

Engage Plan: This is our starter package, perfect for businesses looking to automate customer engagement and scheduling. It includes our universal inbox, conversational AI bot, online calendar booking system, CRM, and opportunity pipeline management.

Accelerate Plan: This plan includes everything in the Engage plan, plus advanced features like 2-way SMS messaging, phone call tracking, and our AI-powered missed call text back system. It's designed for businesses ready to accelerate their lead conversion and customer engagement.

Full Marketing Automation Suite: Our most comprehensive package, offering complete marketing automation powered by AI. It includes everything in the Accelerate plan, plus email marketing, funnel builder, workflow automation builder, lead capture forms, surveys, a unified social media planner, and more.

Each plan is tailored to meet different business needs and growth stages. The best way to understand which plan aligns with your specific requirements is through a personalized assessment.

We highly recommend booking a free discovery call with us. During this call, we'll discuss your business needs, explain each plan in detail, and help you identify the most suitable option for your business. This way, you can make an informed decision with confidence.

👉 Book Your Free Discovery Call Here and let us guide you through our plans to find the perfect fit for your business!

Start Getting More Appointments Across All Your Marketing Channels On Autopilot

Transform your customer communication and witness a significant boost in your lead conversion and customer satisfaction. Book You FREE AI Marketing Strategy Call today.

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